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Chalet High Timeshare

March 29, 1987

In March of 1987, my parents bought a time share in Chalet High in the Bayse, Virginia. The place has since fallen into disrepair and apparently the previous owner wasn’t spending the owners money on upkeep of he units.

We spent several summers here in the late 1980’s but we mostly traded the week for another location.

Here is the original brochure.

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One thing worth noting about timeshare, even after you die, you still have to keep paying the maintenance fees. They are very difficult to sell, usually you have to give them away. So never buy timeshare.

Frank and Joanna, Frank Wilkinson, Joanna Stouffer Wilkinson

Thousand Islands Cottage

July 8, 1969

I found this property survey from “Chippewa Point” on the St. Lawrence River. This is on the U.S. side in Hammond, NY.

I know at some point my grandparents (Frank and Joanna) owned a cottage in the Thousand Islands. If I remember correctly, they sold it because the island needed a new causeway and it would be very expensive to replace and Joanna was apparently terrified that Rob was going to drown in the St. Lawrence River.

The Property owner is listed as John Tomaney. I looked him up and apparently he was a Lawyer in Syracuse and died in 1982. I am not sure if THIS is the property they bought or this was another one they were looking at. I have very few details about the cottage.

I found the approximate location on google maps (see below). It looks like a nice location. And I am sure it would be worth LOTS of money now.

Here is the google maps location of where I believe this property to be located today.

Aunt Hallie, Bob, Nellie Stouffer, Robert Stouffer

Bob Visits Aunt Hallie and Grama

July 16, 1947

In the summer of 1947, my father went to visit his Aunt Hallie and his grandparents in Absecon, New Jersey. Not sure if they lived there, vacationed there, or had a vacation home there. Absecon is near Atlantic City New Jersey. The address is listed as 17 Church Street Absecon, NJ but there is a East and a West Church Street. So I am not sure of the exact address. See maps below for images of where they may have lived.



This is 17 West Church Street (possible location of Aunt Hallie and Grama and Grampa’s house).


This is 17 East Church Street (possible location of Aunt Hallie and Grama and Grampa’s house).

Here is the Google Street view of the House at 17 East Church Street

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 10.26.05 AM

Here is the Google Street view of the House at 17 West Church Street

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 10.28.01 AM


Joanna Stouffer Wilkinson

Joanna and Aunt Hallie

July 1, 1933

This picture was take in Atlantic City. I am not sure of the date, probably in the 1930’s. Joanna Stouffer Wilkinson (left) Hallie Orner (?) on the right. Not sure if Hallie was my grandmother’s aunt or great aunt.