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Art, Joanna Stouffer Wilkinson

Joanna and her students

April 1, 1965

This is a newspaper article from the Syracuse Herald-Journal. Joanna Stouffer Wilkinson is working with some of her Students putting items into the Kiln. In case anyone was wondering, yes, I do still have the owners manual for this kiln. So if anyone needs it…



Frank Wilkinson, Masons

34th Annual Mason Dinner Dance

February 4, 1956

This is the program from the “34th Annual Dinner Dance Sea & Field Lodge Number 2-983 F. & A.M.” My grandfather was not a member of this lodge, so he must have attended as a guest. Based on some of the other mason keepsakes, it looks like he was invited to events help by other lodges.







Frank Wilkinson, Masons

1955 Mason Dinner

November 19, 1955

This is the program for the 1955 Annual Dinner Party for Uncas Lodge No. 949. This was one of the years that he was the Master of this lodge. He is only 47 in this picture…everyone looked older in the 1950s.

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Bob, Frank and Joanna, Frank Wilkinson, Joanna Stouffer Wilkinson, Masons

1955 Mason Family Photo

June 1, 1955

Here is a picture from 1955 of the “Masters & Families”. Not sure wher this picture was taken. My father (Bob Wilkinson or Bobbie as he was known then) is the tallest one in the middle of the picture. His parents (Joanna Stouffer Wilkinson and Frank Wilkinson) are directly in front of him.

A “Master Mason” is the highest rank a Mason can achieve. You have to master increasingly difficult silly handshakes and passwords to make it to this level. I believe you must also purchase a very ridiculous hat to achieve this level in the Masonic order. (source: Wikipedia)



Here is a close up of Frank, Joanna, and Bob.