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Glen-Gery Brazil Plant re-opens

October 7, 1982

After nine months of being close, the Brazil, IN Glen-Gery Plant re-opened. Initially 60 people were laid off and 29 people were brought back. My father, Bob Wilkinson, is interviewed in the local paper. This would have been during the Early 1980’s Recession, also known as the “Reagan Recession”.


bob-brazil-times-oct-7-1982-2 bob-glen-gery-plant-open

Art, Joanna Stouffer Wilkinson

Joanna and her students

April 1, 1965

This is a newspaper article from the Syracuse Herald-Journal. Joanna Stouffer Wilkinson is working with some of her Students putting items into the Kiln. In case anyone was wondering, yes, I do still have the owners manual for this kiln. So if anyone needs it…



Frank Wilkinson, Masons

Retiring Master

October 1, 1953

Here is an undated photo of my grandfather from the Syracuse-Herald Journal about the retirement of his lodge’s Master. Frank Wilkinson is listed as a Junior Warden so this is probably the early 1950’s


Joanna Stouffer Wilkinson, Nellie Stouffer, Pershing, Stouffer

2 Pershing Cousins, Ex-Chef Live in the city

July 18, 1948

This a newspaper article that mentions that my Grandmother and Great Grandmother are related to General John Pershing, who died that week.

My Grandmother (who is referred to as “Mrs. Francis Wilkinson” rather than her own name) also discusses when she met General Pershing at a Family reunion in 1923.

I also find it a bit strange that someone who cooked for Pershing gets top billing over actual relatives of his.




Death of General Pershing

July 15, 1948

Here are several articles from the┬áSyracuse Herald-Journal commemorating General John Pershing (my Great Grandmother’s third cousin).




Thornden Rose Fete

June 2, 1948

My father crowned the “Queen of the Roses” in this undated newspaper clipping. This is probably from the late 1940’s. The Syracuse Rose Society is still active today. Joanna Stouffer Wilkinson was a member in the 1940s.