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Chalet High Timeshare

March 29, 1987

In March of 1987, my parents bought a time share in Chalet High in the Bayse, Virginia. The place has since fallen into disrepair and apparently the previous owner wasn’t spending the owners money on upkeep of he units.

We spent several summers here in the late 1980’s but we mostly traded the week for another location.

Here is the original brochure.

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One thing worth noting about timeshare, even after you die, you still have to keep paying the maintenance fees. They are very difficult to sell, usually you have to give them away. So never buy timeshare.


Prince Phillip – Beating Retreat

June 10, 1970

Someone must have sent my grandparents this from England. This is Prince Philip Beating Retreat in June of 1970. I believe this is a special booklet produced for Prince Philip’s 49th Birthday.

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Occident Flour Advertisement

June 4, 1948

This was in amongst all the stuff that my grand parents (Frank and Jonanna). No idea if this was saved because my grandfather did the artwork or for some other reason. misc-flour-ad


The Children’s Party Book

January 3, 1923

Not sure who this belonged to or where it came from, but it has some nice artwork in it. So I decided to scan it and post it here.

The Book contains party ideas and recipes. Written in 1923.


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