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Letter and doodle

May 31, 1974

This is a letter and a doodle my grandfather or grandmother did on the back. No idea when this was done. It would have been some time before my grandmother died in 1982. They had several pear trees in their front yard, which must have been the inspiration for the drawing on the left.


frank-letter-drawing-front frank-letter-drawing

Art, Joanna Stouffer Wilkinson

Joanna and her students

April 1, 1965

This is a newspaper article from the Syracuse Herald-Journal. Joanna Stouffer Wilkinson is working with some of her Students putting items into the Kiln. In case anyone was wondering, yes, I do still have the owners manual for this kiln. So if anyone needs it…



Art, Frank Wilkinson

1950’s Furniture Store Advertisement

June 1, 1953

Here is a 1950’s furniture store adertisement that my grandfather (Frank Wilkinson) did. At least I believe it was his work. There is no explanation for WHY this was saved. So I am going to assume he did the artwork.



Art, Frank Wilkinson

Fish Picture

May 25, 1948

Here is some artwork done by my Frank Wilkinson (my paternal grandfather).  The art was probably done for a china design. fish

Art, Frank Wilkinson

Tempting ways to serve Bananas 1939

January 4, 1939

This was saved, for some unknown reason. So am posting it here. My grandfather may have done the artwork. But I am not sure. It doesn’t look any of his other work.

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Art, Frank Wilkinson

Speedball Sticks Advertisement

December 1, 1935

I found this ad for Speedball Sticks pens. I am fairly certain that I have seen these stick figures in one of my grandfather’s (Frank Wilkinson) notebooks. So I am think this is an ad he did the artwork for.

Speedball also seems to be very popular with artists, even today. So he may have just kept this because he liked the ad. The films in this ad are all from the early 1930’s, so this would have been very early in Frank’s career.


frank-speedball-advert frank-speedball-advert-front2