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June 1966


Grave of Captain Bernard Toft, 249th Field Artilery

June 12, 1966

This is the grave of Captain Bernard Toft who died in the the Battle of Saipan during WWII. I haven’t been able to find that much information about him online, but I found this


“Capt. Toft picked up Sgt. Baker and was quickly shot in the stomach…Capt. Bernard A. Toft knew he wouldn’t make it due to blood loss from his stomach wound and ordered his Sgt. to standby with fixed bayonet until he died, so he wouldn’t see them chop his head off. He received no valor awards for his action that day and his family genes died with him. His remains are buried in the Punchbowl in Hawaii. Let us never forget the Capt. Bernard A. Tofts of our great nation on Memorial Day!” Source: Armchair General Mailbag

There is no date or information on this picture and I found it in with a letter from England, written in 1948. I suspect my father (Robert Wilkinson) took this picture in June of 1966 while he was on his way to Vietnam. While he was on his way to Vietnam, they plane broke down and they had to spend several days in Hawaii before heading on to Vietnam.

I am not sure why he took this picture. Toft was from New York so maybe he new the family.