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June 1955

Nellie Stouffer

Nellie gets on a Plane

June 12, 1955

This is an undated picture of Nellie Stouffer (my Father’s maternal Grandmother) getting on a plane. She died in 1960, and she is not with her husband, who died in 1941. So this was probably taken sometime between 1941 and 1960.

She is boarding an Eastern Airlines airplane.


Bob, Frank and Joanna, Frank Wilkinson, Joanna Stouffer Wilkinson, Masons

1955 Mason Family Photo

June 1, 1955

Here is a picture from 1955 of the “Masters & Families”. Not sure wher this picture was taken. My father (Bob Wilkinson or Bobbie as he was known then) is the tallest one in the middle of the picture. His parents (Joanna Stouffer Wilkinson and Frank Wilkinson) are directly in front of him.

A “Master Mason” is the highest rank a Mason can achieve. You have to master increasingly difficult silly handshakes and passwords to make it to this level. I believe you must also purchase a very ridiculous hat to achieve this level in the Masonic order. (source: Wikipedia)



Here is a close up of Frank, Joanna, and Bob.