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July 1893

Joanna Stouffer Wilkinson

1893 N.Y.S. Gettysburg Veteran’s Commemoration Medal

July 1, 1893

I found this New York State Gettysburg Veteran’s Commemoration Medal in a box of my grandparents stuff. If it belonged to anyone in the family, it would have to be on my maternal grandmother’s side (Joanna Stouffer Wilkinson). My grandfather’s family would have been in England at this time, so it definitely is not a Wilkinson heirloom.

The medal is stamped with the following inscription on the side:

H. Champion Beals (Not sure if this is the maker of the medal or the recipient).

CoB, 121R NYVI 2B, 1D, 6C (this stands for Company B, 121st Regiment, New York Volunteers Infantry, 2nd Battalion, 1st Division, 6th Corp).

The 121st New York Infantry was a fairly famous Civil War regiment.