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Joanna Stouffer Wilkinson, Orner, Pershing

Joanna’s Application for the D.A.R.

June 1, 1930

Here is Joanna Stouffer Wilkinson’s 1930 application to join the D.A.R. (Daughters of the American Revolution). Note: her application was accepted.

She was a descendant of Peter Frederick Pershing, who was an immigrant from what is now Germany.

General Pershing was also a descendent of Peter Frederick Pershing. He is descended from Peter Frederick Pershing’s son, Daniel Pershing. My family is descended from Elizabeth Pershing, Peter Frederick Pershing’s daughter.

This would make My great grandmother and General Pershing third cousins, not second cousins as she claimed. They share the same great, great, great grandfather (Peter Frederick Pershing).

This would make me General Pershing’s third cousin four times removed. Apparently Peter Frederick Pershing has over 7,000 living descendents.