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July 1969

Frank and Joanna, Frank Wilkinson, Joanna Stouffer Wilkinson

Thousand Islands Cottage

July 8, 1969

I found this property survey from “Chippewa Point” on the St. Lawrence River. This is on the U.S. side in Hammond, NY.

I know at some point my grandparents (Frank and Joanna) owned a cottage in the Thousand Islands. If I remember correctly, they sold it because the island needed a new causeway and it would be very expensive to replace and Joanna was apparently terrified that Rob was going to drown in the St. Lawrence River.

The Property owner is listed as John Tomaney. I looked him up and apparently he was a Lawyer in Syracuse and died in 1982. I am not sure if THIS is the property they bought or this was another one they were looking at. I have very few details about the cottage.

I found the approximate location on google maps (see below). It looks like a nice location. And I am sure it would be worth LOTS of money now.

Here is the google maps location of where I believe this property to be located today.